FullyRaw Pumpkin Pie!

FullyRawKristina creates a magical Pumpkin Pie! This low-fat raw vegan recipe is the ultimate holiday pie to share with family and friends! youtu.be You haven’t tried Pumpkin Pie until you have tried my magical FullyRaw Pumpkin Pie! It’s all-raw, low-fat, and SUPER sweet! Watch me turn into a pumpkin as I share with you this unbelievable recipe! Mom even quotes, “Don’t tell your grandma it’s better than hers!” You want a slice of this pumpkin spice! ;) This low-fat raw vegan recipe is the ultimate holiday pie to share with family and friends! Give it a thumbs up if you think it’s DELICIOUS, and be sure to watch the BLOOPERS because they are my favorite part of this pie! Please to leave your comments below! HUGS! youtu.be Recipe at www.rawfullyorganic.com It’s so easy to make in just 2 easy steps! In order to make this recipe, you will need a Vitamix blender as well as a food processor and a pie dish. Rawfully Organic has the best non-profit deals on the vitamix blenders! Please email kristina@rawfullyorganic.com for the details! Ingredients for the Crust: 1-1.5 Cups of Pecans 1 Lb of Fresh, Wet Dates Directions for the Crust: Process both ingredients in a food processor until they reach a crust-like consistency. Press the crust into your pie pan. Ingredients for the Pumpkin Pie Filling: 1 Pie Pumpkin 2 Lbs Dates 1 SUPER Ripe Persimmon 1 Large Tsp. of Cinnamon 1 Tiny Pinky Finger of Ginger Optional: Scrape from a Vanilla Bean Directions for the Filling: Pit your dates, and

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23 Responses to FullyRaw Pumpkin Pie!

  1. lilangelz702808 says:

    This channel is a God-send! Thank you so much for sharing your? knowledge? and beautiful spirit!!

  2. Jagiri Biris says:

    Hello, have you experienced Trim Fat Maximizer? (look for it on google) You will discover the crimes we commit against our bodies. With Trim Fat? Maximizer, you will discover how to burn calories fast.

  3. xxstinaaxx says:

    I think what she is referring to is vegan/vegetarian dishes that ARE processed, for example, alternative meats that are made from soy and other non-animal products, same with alternative milks and cheeses. These, of course, are not ‘bad’ for us, but? they are certainly deprived of many nutrients our bodies need and often contain GMOs. Even cooked vegetables are not as healthy as raw ones. She is simply speaking from her own personal experience. I don’t think she meant to offend anyone. :)

  4. Nickk Hunter says:

    Ok so nuts may have the same amount of calories but I’m certain they have? less sugar in them than chocolate.

  5. Nickk Hunter says:

    Oh, ok. I get you now. I do mostly agree with you but I would like? to add that I don’t think meat products are that unprocessed.

  6. Nicole Izquierdo says:

    Technically, a lot of her food is “processed” too….? every juice and smoothie for example. I think it depends on how literal someone wants to go with the word.

  7. madison gracie says:

    Yes I do speak English, all I was trying to say is people who eat a regular diet (meaning meat, diary, etc). Eat a good diet? (depending) even though they don’t eat like Kristina does. She basically said in this video that any other way of eating than how she eats in “processed.” And I did not agree with that. Did you get that?

  8. Nickk Hunter says:

    This? doesn’t make any sense, is English not your first language? Please explain.

  9. LEG O' Lamb says:

    Ur? HoT!!

  10. Nickk Hunter says:

    OMG! So funny and that pie looks super easy to make. Yummy!?

  11. yumystery says:

    that was the? best ending. ever.

  12. falleneira1 says:

    I made? this for our family Christmas dinner and it was delicious. Everyone loved it, it was sooooo flavorful! Two Thumbs Up! :)

  13. jerry11349ify says:

    lol,? best video.

  14. nurlagrande says:

    This isn’t the healthiest? thing ever like she said just the crust has a lot of nuts and nuts are everything but healthy thy have the same calories as chocolate! Not like she said…..

  15. smartcookie76 says:

    What is her? ethnicity? She is beautiful.

  16. Devan Fronk says:

    Made this today and it was FANTASTIC! I absolutely love that eating raw has sent me into many new food adventures.? I had never tried persimmon before this and now I have a new fruit on my list of faves. Thank you for the delicious recipe.

  17. darksunnygirl says:

    Just made this and stuck it in the freezer for christmas.? I can’t wait to eat it!

  18. taltul73 says:

    i live out of the u.s.a and i? only have here pumpkin, or butternut squash!!? what can i use for this pie???

  19. Ginger C says:


  20. Ginger C says:

    I’m making this again for Christmas along with a similar apple pie ala banana ice kream. I’m not putting as many dates in the crust though, since it works pretty well with less and tastes more like pie crust. The apple pie will have a walnut crust. I’m making these in 5-inch quiche pans for the cutest individual pies possible. What do you think about that? Thanks for? helping me find a way to make Christmas festive this year. All you raw posters have given me some fantastic ideas.

  21. jessi5720 says:

    Could I use a different variety of squash? Like red kui (hokkaido) or? butternut?

  22. aangiego123 says:

    Cant wait to try this. I am? going to make this for Xmas and not tell them thats it raw. Will get back to you on this

  23. SCOTTDAVIDSON32 says:

    Could you Be more awsome…?

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